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Best Dental Insurance for Major Work

Finding the best dental insurance for major work is not difficult when using an independent agent that is able to represent all of the best dental insurance companies all at once.  There are a lot of great dental plans available and a lot of worthless plans.  Doing a little research on your own, then with the help of an independent dental insurance expert will yield a lot of choices.

The best dental insurance for major work is a plan that has first-day coverage for pre-existing conditions like crowns, root canals, dentures, implants, bridges, periodontics (deep cleanings), and panoramic x-rays.  Finding a plan like this is not difficult with the correct guidance.

Finding the right dental insurance plan to help you with major work is not difficult when using the right dental insurance professional to help you search.  Read on to learn more about what you should be looking for.

Finding a Plan Without Pre-Existing Condition Clauses

Most plans come with a pre-existing clause or at least a waiting period to cover major services and pre-existing conditions.  Finding the best dental insurance for major work can be difficult for those that are not exactly sure what they should be looking for.  Many dental insurance plans that are available to cover major services advertise no waiting period or coverage for pre-existing conditions, but you need to read the “fine print.”  

Dental Insurance No Waiting Periods: Look at the Fine Print

Most dental insurance plans that advertise no waiting periods or they cover pre-existing conditions actually have waiting periods.  When you look at the fine print, they say you must have had prior dental coverage in force for at least 12 months prior in order for their dental insurance to have no waiting periods and cover your pre-existing conditions.  This is hardly the plan they have advertised.  In addition, when you ask most dentists what the best dental insurance is for major work, they say there are none.  They say dental insurance plans can’t cover major services or pre-existing conditions.  

True No Waiting Period and Pre-Existing Dental Insurance

True no waiting period and pre-existing condition dental insurance exist and we provide it to our clients daily.  It is our job as good independent dental insurance experts to have done all the research for you.  We also do this totally free of charge for you.  It is not a dentist’s job or expertise to know all about dental insurance.  Their training is to know how to diagnose and treat you to best take care of your oral hygiene.  

Find the Best Dental Insurance for Major Work

Finding the best dental insurance for major work isn’t difficult for experts like us.  We know the plans that truly have this coverage and also the plans that advertise they are the best dental insurance for major work, but fall short.  

Do a Search for Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

When you do a google search for dental insurance with no waiting period, this is one of the search results.  This is the actual title of their particular webpage.  This is leading you to believe that this dental insurance plan does not have waiting periods.  

Example of Company Advertising No Waiting Periods 

If you read on, the web page you see shows that they will only eliminate waiting periods if you have had a dental insurance plan in place for at least 12 consecutive months.  If you haven’t had dental insurance in place for 12 consecutive months even their basic restorative services like fillings have a 6 month waiting period. 

This is a name-brand company, that will remain nameless, and they state on their website that they have first-day coverage for major services.  This is one of the plans that adversities no waiting periods, but you need prior dental insurance for at least 12 months.

Chart of Waiting Periods for Dental Insurance Coverage

Here is the chart published by the above company showing the 6 month waiting period for basic restorative services.  On a webpage titled “Dental Insurance | No Waiting Period | (Name of Company) Dental 1500” you would think there would be no waiting periods.  This plan has ridiculous waiting periods for things as simple tooth extractions, fillings, and full mouth x-rays.  You have to pay a premium for 6 months even before you can get any real coverage.  

Monthly Premium for Waiting Period Dental Insurance

The premium for a 50-year-old male for this program is $53 a month.  Using independent agents like us to find the best dental insurance for major work would be very different.  We have several plan options for you.

Monthly Premium for NO Waiting Period Dental Insurance

Looking at a plan with a comparable premium, this plan I will outline is $51.95 per month, essentially the same price.  This is a PPO plan that has over 100,000 dentists nationwide in-network.  Finding an in-network dentist for almost everyone will be easy and if you have a current dentist it is likely they will be in the network.  Both plans have first-day 100% coverage for in-network dentists for basic services including exams, x-rays, and cleanings.  This plan no waiting period I am outlining will also have first-day coverage for fillings and simple extractions. 

On the other plan (waiting period plan), you have to wait 6 months to have fillings and extractions covered, and then your cost is 20% of the contracted fee.  This means you have 80% coverage, this is good coverage, but you have to wait 6 months unless you have current dental coverage in place, and if you have current coverage you are probably not shopping for dental insurance. There are not many of you reading this right now, that are looking to replace your current coverage.  Most of you reading are in need of dental insurance now.  This other plan then only covers 80% of the basic restorative services for the life of the policy.  

Better Dental Insurance Coverage with No Waiting Periods

This other better dental insurance plan I am outlining is a true no waiting period plan that has 80% coverage from the first day but increases its coverage starting the second year to 90%.  Now we are really talking about some good coverage.  

Major Service Dental Insurance Comparision

The lessor coverage name brand plan has a 12 month waiting period for major services.  After the 12 months, the name brand inferior plan will cover at 50%.  Not bad coverage for major services.  

The better plan will cover your major services at 20% on the very first day of coverage and will increase coverage for major work to 50% starting the second year and thereafter.  

When You Need Major Service Dental Insurance Tomorrow

It is not uncommon for us to get a call from a potential client telling us they have an appointment tomorrow for a root canal, crown, or maybe an implant.  Their dentist has told them there are no insurance plans that will cover them this quickly.  They decide to do some research and come across this blog or my YouTube channel.  We can get you coverage for major services tomorrow at 20%.  That is a heck of a lot better than nothing.  In addition, after the plan has been in place for only 1 year, the major services coverage on the better plan increases to 50%!  

How to Get Higher Coverage for Major Services

Let’s say you come to us and say I don’t need major services now, but I want to make sure I have coverage in the future and I want more than 20% or 50% coverage.  We got you covered, literally.  We have another best dental insurance for major work from a different company.  They do have a 1 year waiting period for major services.  But in exchange for that 1 year waiting period, they will cover your major services at 70% the second year of coverage and 80% for the third year and thereafter.  That is excellent coverage.

What Are the Dental Insurance Annual Maximums?

I don’t want to forget about the annual maximums on these plans.  The annual max from the inferior name brand product is only $1,500.  That is every year for as long as you have the policy.  The maximum from the better no waiting period dental insurance plan that covers major services at 20% on the very first day of coverage has a maximum benefit of $2000 in the first year, and increases to $2,500 the second year and thereafter.  The last plan we talked about that has up to 80% coverage for major services can be purchased with up to a $3000 per year maximum.  Our two preferred plans I have described have some great coverage when you compare them to everything out there.    

Best Dental Insurance for Major Work: PPO or HMO? 

When getting major dental work done, you probably will want to lean towards a PPO Plan or a no network plan.  A dental PPO or DPPO will give you far more options to see dental specialists.  Although dental HMO plans can have a great low monthly premium and low to no out-of-pocket costs and deductibles, in general, the number of providers in the network is limited. 

When getting major dental work done you, may need to go see a few different specialists.  For a root canal and crown, you may see one specialist for the root canal and another specialist for the crown.  Having the best dental insurance for major work, in this case, would either be a PPO plan or a plan without any networks (coverage at any dentist you choose in the United States).

PPO Dental Insurance vs HMO Dental Insurance

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization.  More dentists belong to PPO dental networks than HMO networks.  In general, PPO dental insurance and no network dental insurance plans will pay higher pre-agreed upon costs for services to your provider than the HMO plans.  Hence, why more dentists are willing to be in a PPO network.  When comparing an HMO network to a PPO network in your area, the number of dentists that take a PPO plan over an HMO can be very large.  In general, a dentist that accepts a PPO plan will accept a lot of different company’s PPO plans.  But if a dentist accepts HMO dental insurance, they will only accept a few at most.  When you call a dentist, many times they may say they don’t accept HMO insurance (even though they might), but they will tell you they accept all PPO insurance.

A PPO plan, in general, will have coverage for dentists inside of the PPO network and outside of the network.  While an HMO plan will only have coverage for dentists inside of the HMO network. 

Be Careful When Dentists Say They Accept All PPO Insurance

It is very common for dentists to say they accept all PPO plans, and they absolutely do.  But what is important to know is if the dentist is inside of your PPO plan’s network.  A PPO dental plan has coverage for both dentists that are inside your plan’s PPO network and outside of your plan’s PPO network.  When you see a dentist inside of your plan’s PPO network, that dentist has already agreed to the pre-negotiated pricing.  This pricing is lower than the charge for those without insurance or for those that have a PPO plan, but the dentist is outside of the plan’s PPO network. 

How Many Dentists Will Be in a Good PPO Network?

Our best PPO plan has over 100,000 participating dentists.  It is very rare when a new client calls us looking for dental insurance, and the dentist they currently see is not in this PPO network.  Remember when shopping for the best dental insurance for major work that most PPO dental insurance programs have waiting periods like the example above (link this to the above Example Section).  If you are in need of major dental work and are starting your dental insurance research, you will want to find a PPO plan that has no waiting periods for the services you need. 

Lower Coverage for Out-of-Network PPO Dentists

Here is an example of lower coverage when using out-of-network PPO dentists.  We will say you are getting a service from a dentist inside of your PPO network, and the pre-negotiated price for the service is $1000.  In this example,  your plan will pay for 50% of covered services.  Your plan will pay $500 and you will pay $500.  

But let’s say you saw a dentist outside of your plan’s PPO network.  You now don’t have the advantage of getting the pre-negotiated price.  Let’s say the dentist charges $2000 for the same service.  We will also say you found a good plan that has the same coverage for in and out-of-network PPO services (rare to find these plans, unless you work with a dental insurance expert).  In this example, your insurance will pay $1000 and you will pay $1000 for the same service.  

Last, let’s change the example a little and say you didn’t find a plan that pays the same percentage for in and out-of-network services.  Let’s say the plan you have only pays 25% of the bill (not uncommon) and you pay 75% for using a dentist outside of your plan’s PPO network.  The total bill is $2000 and your plan will only pay $500 and you will be responsible for the remaining $1500.  This is when people become unhappy with their dental insurance.      

When Your Dentist Gives Surprise News You Need Major Work

It is not unusual for us to be contacted by someone that needs major dental work ASAP.  They may have been to the dentist getting a simple checkup and were informed they need root canals, crowns, implants, or other work.  For them to get a plan with a 1 year waiting period for these services is not an option.  They might be able to hold off a few days or even weeks for their new plan to go into effect. But waiting a whole year is not possible.  

This is where we come in with our expertise and our free service to find the plan with immediate coverage for their needs.  If they are lucky, their dentist might already be in a great HMO plan.  In this case, an HMO plan with low premiums, no deductibles, no annual maximums can come in most helpful.  What is likely, however, is the dentist and or specialists they need to see are not in the HMO program.  Worst case scenario is their dentist isn’t in a PPO network or doesn’t take insurance at all.  If this is the case they will need a plan that has no network limitations.

No Network Dental Insurance

We have a plan that gives you good coverage even if the dentist you want to see doesn’t take insurance.  This is our no network coverage plan.  When new clients first hear about this, they assume the no network plan is a lot more expensive than the other plans.  The no network plan is a little more expensive but not as much as most people think.  New clients also believe that it will come with stip down coverage and that isn’t the case either.  Our no network plan has immediate day 1 coverage for crowns, root canals, implants, and more.  The plan will pay 20% for any provider you wish to see in the United States for major work.  After the policy has been in place for 1 year the coverage increases to 50% for major work.  

Our no network dental insurance plan also offers first-day coverage for preventive services like exams, cleanings, and bitewing x-rays.  Also with first-day coverage are panoramic x-rays, periapical x-rays, fillings, periodontal service, and more.  

This program also comes in 3 different annual maximums, $1,000, $1,500, and $3000.  Your choice.

Plans with first day no waiting period coverage for implants, root canals, cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more.

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Plans with first day no waiting period coverage for implants, root canals, cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more.

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