Speak to a Licensed Dental Insurance Expert


About Dental Insurance Insiders

Dental Insurance Insiders is an independent agency that helps consumers find the best dental insurance products for their exact needs.

How We Help Our Clients

  1. We educate ur clients about the different types of dental plans. From PPO, HMO, and No-Network plan. This also includes helping to find plans with no-waiting periods for the services our clients need immediately.
  2. After learning what our client’s needs are, the next step is to find the plan that has the best price along with providing coverage at their proferred dentist and otehr providers.

Dental Insurance Insiders are able to do this because we are not employed by any insurance companies, nor are the insurance companies able to persuade our opinions about their services and products.

We are independent and that means we don’t work for the insurance companies! This means we work for you. This enables us to objectively present each positive and negative of the best available plans to you. The freedom provided to us by being independent allows up to shop for the best plans available to you and help you get the best price.

A highly qualified licensed dental insurance expert will assist you by objectively looking at all of the best dental insurance options. We are able to do this entirely over the phone with you so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home.

This means, no pushy salespeople knocking on your door at unexpended times doing whatever they can to get through your front door.